Josie & Nani are best of friends. Together they go on everyday adventures. Some days they stay in the treehouse talking about memories and sing songs.

Nani is a curios teddy bear with a big heart.
Josie is a young teenager with the best friend in the world – Nani.
They have many things in common and most important is their super arms.

The show addresses everyday events such as pumping a bicycle tire, dancing, taking medication, playing soccer and many other things.

The show addresses different types of disabilities children can experience themselves or around their everyday life, making each disability a super power.

Josie & Nani is a kids show for the smallest kids (0-4 years). Five episode pilot completed. Air on Babyloonz TV (Youtube, Appstore and Google Play)

Director: Fredric Ollerstam

Producers: Fredric Ollerstam, Niklas Malmqvist

Writer: Josephine Hylén / Niklas Malmqvist

Based on an idea by: Josephine Hylén & Fredric Ollerstam

Produced for Lekis TV


Josephine Hylén as Jossan
Nani as Nani