Nani is a curios teddy bear with a big heart that explores the world with great passion.

The show addresses everyday things such as riding a train, taking the bus, who picks up the garbage, going to the doctor and many other adventures for the youngest audience.

Nani’s World is a kids show for the smallest kids (0-4 years). Five episode pilot completed. Air on Lekis TV (Youtube, Appstore and Google Play)

Director: Fredric Ollerstam

Producers: Fredric Ollerstam, Niklas Malmqvist

Writer: Fredric Ollerstam, Niklas Malmqvist, Tobias Olsson

Based on an idea by: Josephine Hylén, Fredric Ollerstam & Niklas Malmqvist

Produced for Lekis TV


Nani as Nani

Vanja Wikström as the Swedish voice of Nani