On-going documentary production about Elvis impersonator

Where is the line between thrift and madness? Who determines what is possible and impossible? In the documentary ”The King Lives”: Elvis artist Kenneth Wahlberg aka Ken Wegas, a man with grand goals, a man who is met with skepticism from his surroundings, but at the same time surrounded by dedicated followers of the Elvis culture.

Ken Wegas is on his journey to create the life of Elvis – if he hadn’t died. Creating The Lazer Suit that Elvis never worn, record the songs that Elvis never fulfilled and the creation of a spectacular european tour Elvis never adventured on.

Kenneth Wahlberg is an calm and modest family man.
Elvis artist Ken Wegas is a confident glamorous entertainer.

For more information contact:
Director Fredric Ollerstam, fredric@preamp.se, +46 70 – 60 999 06